Kozmix Science is a set of 11 comprehensive projects designed for different age groups of pupils at the first stage of primary school. These are modern, comprehensive, interactive, and inspirational research projects for immediate classroom use.

Individual project’s content and activities are interesting and inspiring for pupils, while providing a comprehensive solution for teachers.

Each of the 11 interactive projects has a multi-book format, with detailed suggestions for project implementation across all phases. An integral part of each project is complementary materials: worksheets, videos, animations, audio recordings, etc. available to teachers.

Kozmix Science combines colourful digital content with practical printed materials.


  • Pupils develop critical thinking
  • They learn to work in teams
  • They acquire the basics of work organisation and planning
  • They improve problem-solving capabilities

Content of educational materials

11 comprehensive projects with a detailed methodological guide and additional digital content:

  • World of plants through-the-lens
  • Animals communicate too
  • Archimedes’ miraculous machines
  • Four seasons
  • The childhood of grandparents
  • Let’s protect the environment
  • Water cycle in nature
  • Let’s meet the planets
  • Exotic plants
  • Let’s recycle
  • We encrypt messages